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BattleCO2 project in the technical conference on environmental and cost analysis in the life cycle of pavements and pavements

During the event, BattleCO2 project was presented and the start-up of the development of specific product categories for asphalt mixtures by the CARTIF Foundation was presented.

Conference “Cases of success on the efficient use of resources, reuse and revaluation of waste”

On November 27, the Interplataformas Group of Circular Economy (GIEC) in which the PTC participates (https://www.ptcarretera.es/networking/), organized a conference on "Success stories on the efficient use of resources , reuse and revaluation of waste "as a Special Activity in the National Environment Congress (CONAMA 2018).

BATTLECO2 Project announces the publication of product category rules for bituminous mixtures

The development of the circular economy goes through the development of solid metrics that allow the reliable comparison of different alternatives of products and services. In the specific case of the carbon footprint of bituminous mixtures, the progressive implementation of life cycle analysis as a basic tool to support decision-making has allowed the reliable development of certain technologies and set aside others that apparently had environmental benefits but they hid hidden costs.

Dissemination of BATTLECO2 Project in several events

The BATTLECO2 Project present in different days:
* Presentation Ecological Public Purchase
* Presentation of the DURABROADS Project Day
* CONAMA 2018
* Jornada CEDEX-ATC
* II International Symposium AMIVTAC
* IV National Day of bituminous emulsions
LIFE BATTLE CO2 3 visita monitorización

SNF2018: BattleCO2 Project Workshop

The Spanish Road Technology Platform (PTC) organized a Workshop within the National Symposium of Signatures 2018- #SNFirmes2018 http://www.congresosatcpiarc.es/snf2018.html that took place in madrid on October 17.

BattleCO2 Project: 3rd monitoring visit

On March 20, 2018, the third monitoring visit of the Battle CO2 project was held at the CARTIF facilities in Boecillo (Valladolid). The three partners (Fundación CARTIF, Collosa and PTC) and its supervisors, Elena Gómez-Salazar (NEEMO) and Laura Giappichelli (EASME), reviewed the current status of execution, in addition to planning the next months of work in detail. which will be carried out the pilot tests of the project.

BATTLECO2 Project at the II AMIVTAC International Symposium Jalisco (Mexico)

BATTLECO2 Project participated in the II International Symposium on Environmental Sustainability in Roads organized by the Jalisco delegation of the Mexican Association of Land Roads Engineering (AMIVTAC) on November 8 and 9 in Guadalajara (Mexico).

Sector News


The Spanish Road Tecnology Platform (PTC) participates in the Interplatform Group on Circular Economy

The Spanish Road Technology Platform (PTC) is part of the Interplataformas Group on Circular Economy, an initiative to identify opportunities from the field of R & D for the adoption of the concept of industrial symbiosis in strategic industrial sectors in Spain, as a first step in the transition to the circular economy.

EXPOBIOMASA 2019: direct access to an unstoppable sector

Around 4.5 million high-efficiency biomass stoves and boilers have been installed in Europe in recent years according to data from the EPC 2017 survey.

Ecological Public Procurement Plan of the General State Administration

Agreement that approves the Ecological Public Procurement Plan of the General State Administration, its autonomous agencies and the entities managing Social Security (2018-2025).

New Climate Change Law that seeks to "decarbonize" Spain in 2050

Among the main novelties, absolute priority to renewable energies, goodbye to diesel cars and gasoline in 2040 or mobilization of 20% of the PGE to the fight against climate change.


The Climate Summit seals minimum commitments to try to save the Paris Agreement

After two long weeks of debate, the Climate Summit (COP24) in Katowice, Poland, has sealed minimum agreements that allow the Paris Agreement to be applied. The result of the meeting, born after an extra day of meetings, has placed on the table the prevailing needs to increase aid and controls to ensure an effective fight against climate change.

The intelligent transformation of regions, leading the BY & FORCITIZENS Conference

Cities belong to their citizens, being an economic, social and cultural asset that we all must take care of to ensure the future of the following generations.

"Projects that think alike" news


Final workshop of the LIFESURE project

On October 17, 2018, the final workshop of the LIFESURE project was presented during the National Road Pavement Symposium held in Madrid.

PROJECT'S VIDEO refibre life

The project LIFE14ENV/IT/000160"Recycling of textile fibres from end-of-life tires for production of new asphalts and plastic compounds" leads to industrial application of textile fibres reuse from the recovery of ELTs (End-of-Life Tyres).

LIFE GySTRA, example of improvement of air quality following European objectives

The LIFE GySTRA project, led by CARTIF, has celebrated the event ‘Car Exhaust and environmental policies: the potential of remote sensing’ with the aim of explaining what its objectives are and discussing the working of the technology used, which will allow a solution to be pollution from vehicles in cities.
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