Expected results

1.Elimination of 100 % of fossil fuels in asphalt mix manufacturing avoiding the use of fuel and diesel, incorporating the sustainable use of biomass as an alternative fuel.

2.       80 % decrease of GHG emissions in asphalt mix manufacturing plants (16.658 kg CO2e savings)

3.       35 % decrease of CO emissions, and 90 % decrease of SOx in asphalt manufacturing. (5,75 kg CO savings and 35 kg SOx savings)

4.       Economic savings in asphalt manufacturing of 40 % in fuels, which promotes an added value and motivation for companies to make a change into low carbon fuels and economy. (812 € savings)

5.       Technical and mechanical validation of 100 % of the materials and products obtained using biomass as alternative fuel. (1000 tons of new material)

6.       Pilot plant connected to an industrial asphalt mix plant, capable to produce at least 40 t/h of asphalt mix 100 % free of fossil fuels, but also capable to manufacture 200 t/h of recycled asphalt mix decreasing 25 % the use of fossil fuels.

7.       Demo phase in a road, incorporating new materials manufactured with biomass in several conservative and maintenance operations, with a total amount of 1.000 tons of asphalt mix and 7.200 m2 of pavement.

8.       Development of the Product Category Rules in order to obtain the first international Environmental Product Declaration “EPD” for asphalt mix, allowing other companies to declare their environmental results according to a normalized protocol that will be established in the context of this project.

9.       Integral management of the biomass use, closing the biomass life cycle using the ashes from combustion as establisher of soils, avoiding the use of cement and lime. Valorisation of 100 % of wastes generated in biomass combustion.