The intelligent transformation of regions, leading the BY & FORCITIZENS Conference

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Cities belong to their citizens, being an economic, social and cultural asset that we all must take care of to ensure the future of the following generations. Taking into account this premise, cities are the most important growth pole of the European Union since more than two thirds of the population in Europe lives in urban areas, and this proportion continues to grow. Due to its high density, cities offer great potential for improvement towards a new concept of habitability in a 100% sustainable environment.

Under this framework, the Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Program for the Transfer of Technology between Companies (Centr @ tec) and the CARTIF Technology Center, organizes the BY & FORCITIZENS conference on “Smart regeneration of cities and regions “, seeking to become a forum where to share experiences about the opportunities and challenges posed by innovative urban transformation strategies in Europe.

With the collaboration of the City Council of Valladolid, the conference will take place at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center of the Spanish city on September 20 and 21, 2018, with the main objective of bringing together experts in urban transformation strategies from their different perspectives, covering smart city approaches, urban re-naturalization, circular economy and successful practices on innovation ecosystems that, by placing the citizen at the center of the urban regeneration process, create more sustainable and livable environments. The program of the Conference will show real experiences through lectures, discussion tables, work sessions, technical visits and, in addition, it will be complemented with a program of activities focused on citizens. In parallel, the Enterprise Europe Network will organize a meeting event that will allow attendees to establish new networks and alliances through bilateral meetings.

The driving theme of the conference will be the experiences of the R2CITIES, CITyFiED, REMOURBAN, mySMARTLife and UrbanGreenUp projects, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by CARTIF, which have made the cities of the region national and international benchmarks. in transforming urban ecosystems into more livable places. Attendees will have the opportunity to share the experiences of these projects and many other initiatives and examples led by leading European cities in the transition to a more sustainable, efficient and competitive Europe.,-protagonista-de-la-conferencia-by-forcitizens.html

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