Conference “Cases of success on the efficient use of resources, reuse and revaluation of waste”

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On November 27, the Interplataformas Group of Circular Economy (GIEC) in which the PTC participates (, organized a conference on “Success stories on the efficient use of resources , reuse and revaluation of waste “as a Special Activity in the National Environment Congress (CONAMA 2018).

The Head of the Technical Department of PTCarretera spoke about Promotion of green public procurement in the road sector, presentation that can be accessed below.

The objective of this day was to publicize success stories of different entities and to provide practical points of view on projects already carried out that have contributed to the efficient use of resources, as well as the reuse and revaluation of waste, also promoting the participation of Spanish organizations in R + D + i projects in the field of Circular Economy.

This Interplatform Group of Circular Economy has developed a web tool, “Connecting for a Circular Economy”, accessible to all interested parties, with the objective that users can publish and consult information about waste generated by other users of different industrial sectors, which They can also be used as raw material for other processes. The tool allows to consult information about technology suppliers aimed at the valorization and reuse of them.

During the day, in addition to presenting this tool and the different activities of the GIEC, experts from different public and private entities, presented how the recovery of waste from different industrial sectors to obtain new products – or with new applications – is already a reality. Thus, the attendees could see first-hand how from non-ferrous metal waste, steel products, plastics or agri-food products can be obtained as varied as zinc oxide valued for different applications, neutralizing materials, energy or biofertilizers.

And the management of wastewater, ecoparks or even ecological public procurement are clear examples that indicate that Spain is in the transition to a circular economy.

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